Final SFM Old Course by CA Rahul Malkan (Full Course)

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Faculty: Prof. Rahul Malkhan
Hours: 160
Modules Provided: 2 Modules
Validity: 1 Year
System Requirement: Windows 7 or above
Delivery Time: 4-5 working days from the date of receiving the payment




Known for his expertise, talent, approachability and experience, Prof Rahul Malkan also popularly referred to as RM is a favourite of many CA aspirants in town. Rahul Malkan is especially known for his crash courses in subjects such as Financial Reporting and Strategic Financial Management. Rahul Malkan is a man of deep understanding and diligence. He follows methods and strategies that help enhance student performance. Not only does he conquer positive teaching skills, Rahul Malkan also stands to be an ideal mentor. He guides students through daily troubles and has always been an amicable professor. Today it has been over 20 years and counting and Rahul Malkan has successfully tutored more than 20000 students and helped them attain their dream.

For several years, CA Rahul Malkan has been associated with the best institutes in and around Mumbai. Being a credible professor, he has enabled several students with the right knowledge to surpass the CA examinations. His crash courses have come handy at many instances and have made students understand multiple concepts and problems. The record of his past work and achievements are beyond imagination. For FR and even SFM Rahul Malkan has been a member of the visiting faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Prof Rahul Malkan is also an orator and has delivered many motivational talks in several schools and colleges. Many students and faculty members have had the pleasure to comprehend some of his interesting theories and ways of life at his seminars. His words have lit the lives of many. Those who want to innovate, ideate and create must surely follow CA Rahul Malkan, for he often says ‘Together we can create something new, together we can work on something awesome.’

At Let’s Learn India, we bring to you the choicest professors in town, one of them being CA Rahul Malkan. If you have been searching for the relevant source that will lead you to ‘Rahul Malkan FR’ or ‘Rahul Malkan SFM’, you have reached the right place. Known for his witty ideas and tactics that cater to every student out there, Prof Rahul Malkan is your answer for every query. His explanation of a theory clearly chalks out the essence of a subject and branches further into different directions. Students then learn everything that is essential to help them give their best. His methods and tactics break down complex situations and make them comprehensible. Let’s Learn India has curated the best of CA Rahul Malkan for you. We rightly present everything that he has to offer students and all of his versatile creations. They are sure to be a valuable resource. So if you require an ideal Financial Reporting and Strategic Financial Management crash course, do consider choosing from what we offer here!

At Let’s Learn India, Rahul Malkan teaches the following subjects:

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management


Strategic financial management refers to study of finance with a long term view considering the strategic goals of the enterprise