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Your guide to clear CA Exams with a rank in the first attempt

Your guide to clear CA Exams with a rank in the first attempt

For CA examinations, it is the cut throat competition and low percentile that make the chances of failure seem higher. Many even second guess the results before they start the preps. 

But keeping the negativity aside, amongst every buzz that goes around there are always some pieces of information that help you with the ideal tips required to crack a deal. This is one such article for every CA aspirant to clear the examination and yes with a good rank only!

Bank on the right tutor: Two key factors that lead to success are self-learning and a good tutor. While the former is something that is personal, the latter is a choice to be made wisely. 

With pompous tutors out there it becomes very difficult to find the right one. Do some research about the past results of every coaching class out there, the one that has actually proven claims is the one you must opt for. Mentorship, CA study material, CA video lectures and a lot more is provided by coaching classes. So invest some time in research to ensure you knock the right door. 

Prioritize as A, B and C:  Arrange your CA study material into A, B and C. ‘A’ being the first priority followed by ‘B’ and ‘C’. Tutors these days also help students with important topics. Accordingly, divide the lessons into what is most likely to come (Category- A), the ones that stand a 50% chance (Category – B) and lastly the ones that have the ones that are of least importance (Category – C). Read category C just once or twice. 

Revise minimum thrice: For a rank it is essential to at least revise the material 3 times. This revision is what ensures the matter is fresh and ready in your mind. Plan your study in a way that you get time to cover your CA study material 3 times before the exams. Take the help of CA video lectures and CA online coaching to fasten the process in case you are running out of time.  

Create snippets or pocket notes: The CA syllabus is vast and covering all of it in a day is merely impossible. This why the emphasis is placed on a three time revision! Now along with that you must also write down pocket notes that you can immediately refer to for a quick recap of what you’ve studied. 

Comprehend before you write: A clear understanding of every concept is essential as this will only make you articulate answers better. Refer to CA video lectures, CA online coaching and CA study material to solve all your queries. A deeper understanding of every concept is something that will only reflect in your answers.  

Presentation skills: Regular practice of question papers and CA study material is what will help you improve your speed of writing and presenting answers. In the rush to study, do not neglect something that holds great importance. Along with your daily study make sure you do practice the basic key skills that will take you a step closer to a good rank.  

Follow the above tips to help achieve a good rank. Alongside, always keep the faith strong, stay away from negativity and focus on the meeting your goals. These are the non-negotiables and will help you in every walk of life.