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Here is What One Must Follow to Crack a CA Examination!

Here is What One Must Follow to Crack a CA Examination!

The reason you have reached this article is probably because the term ‘CA exam’ seems to be intimidating. This fear is derived from the entire buzz created around you. So before you go on to reading the real tips mentioned here, know that the key to passing any exam is begins with believing in yourself. Be mindful that you have the potential to crack a CA examination, and you will do it!

To help you simplify this process there are many CA books online and CA online classes at your service. Also, we have created a brief guide for you. Here are some tips that are sure going to be handy along the ride.

ONE STEP AT A TIME: The foremost aspect is clarifying the fundamental concepts of a subject and then digging deeper. From there on, focus on improving your reading speed and comprehension abilities. Refer to the right CA books online and practice rigorously, this will only help you enhance your grasping power.

FOLLOW A SCHEDULE: This is just like creating a time-table for the day and living by it. The morning is the ideal time of the day when your mind is fresh, hence you must begin with a theory subject. Indulge in self-study for a minimum of 2 hours and then practice a practical paper for another 2 hours.

Post lunch you can take a little nap and again follow the same pattern – Theory subject – Followed by practical. This routine helps you cover 4 subjects in a day. Refer to your CA books online and make it a strong habit to always start with a theory paper after a sound sleep. Your CA online classes tutor will also give you the same advice!

PICK THE BEST STUDY MATERIAL: Apart from the study material provided by ICAI, there are a couple of CA online classes that do provide relevant CA books online. Refer to them and pick the latest trends of questions and answers in the market. You will also find that from past question papers there are 20-30% of marks given to test your IQ,
note that these questions are barely repeated.

REVISION: This is imperative! Complete all your study 2 months prior to the day of examination. It is the last 2 months that are to be solely dedicated to REVISION. Only thorough revision will help you convert your hard work into positive exam results. Also with the practical study you have done, solve new problems by applying your acquired
knowledge and this will truly help you excel. Refer to CA books online to find the relevant questions.

THE RIGHT METHOD TO SOLVE MCQ’S: When it comes to MCQ’s, don’t encircle the one you feel is the right answer. Check every option and first eliminate what is wrong. From the remaining two, cancel the one that seems least likely to be the answer and tick the one that seems most probably to be the right one. This analysis will only help you increase your chances to get the answer right. The above tips majorly cover everything one needs to follow to attain the desired results. Again moving back to what this article started with, all of this will only be channelized in the right route if you believe in yourself. Follow reliable CA online classes and CA books online, keep your focus straight and you know that success is not really a long way ahead.